Interior Design

We enhance the aesthetic value of the interior of your building in order to meet your desire,imagination and expectation therefore turning each space into a breathtaking view of elegance and pure beauty.

Furniture Design

Each of our pieces of furniture is designed and handmade to perfection with the utmost care and precision ensuring that a luxurious look is achieved thus each piece of furniture is a magnificent work of art in itself,tailor-made just for you.

Fabric Designs

Our prowess includes the picking of breathtakingly beautiful fabric designs, for carpets,curtains,seat covers e.t.c sourced from re known labels and designers which bring a look,feeling and texture that captures your taste.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea ,Concept
  • Creation

We at Levitrix take time to meet our clientele in order to take their orders and agree on matters concerning the product to be delivered,the period of time that will be involved from production to delivery and payment of the requested product.

After listening to our customers’ expectations our designers get onto the drawing board to come up with designs that meet the clients’ tastes and desires .Our designers are careful to include all of  the customers’ ideas into the products thus generating beautiful and elegant designs that match our clienteles’ expectations.

We create the final product in accordance with the set designs.The creation process is done with great care and precision to ensure that high levels of perfection are achieved. On the set date of delivery,our professional team is sent to install the pieces on the set locations with or without the oversight of our customers.Our team puts great effort to meet our clients expectations on site thus concluding with the viewing of the installation to ensure that the agreed standards have been met.